Interior Stylist

…it’s what I love doing the most.  When I ventured to school after high school I was educated in Fashion Merchandising.  I loved studying the history of fashion, textiles, designs, colors and placement.  My first big city retail job was at Kaufmann’s Department Store decorating store front windows. Many years later this is still my favorite pastime in a home or store or event.  This passion has always followed me in every job including as a church business manager.  I was privileged to help bring a historic church’s beautiful aesthetics back to life. 

If you hire me as your interior stylist feel confident that I bring many years of experience and ideas with me.

What is your style?  Do you like to decorate with a theme in mind, historic time period, log cabin, or a country?  Do you like vintage, antiques, new; do you like to mix the old with the new?  Do you like one theme and color throughout your home or mix it up?  Do you like the new fresh farmhouse style?  What colors do you love, neutrals, bold, the new nondescript?

Would you like to change the placement of your furniture?  Has your style changed and you need help with the change?  Do you want to change one room or your entire home?  Have you moved and want to start fresh, new, and different than before?  Do you own a store and need help with your space?  What does it speak to your customer?  We will discuss the entire space.  Do you need help planning an event?  Home, work or event we will work together to transform what screams you.  We will make your home a cozy nest that drawers you in so that you will never want to leave.  You want to create a home that is your own style and many times it’s with what you already have. 

I normally work within 20 miles of my home.  If you are past 20 miles we will discuss fuel fees depending on how far.

If you are interested in a role for me transforming your special spaces please email me.  Please put Interior Stylist in your subject box.  I will email you my fees and then we will set up an appointment.  If you feel more comfortable speaking on the phone we can arrange that too.